slowUp Schwyz - Swiss Knife Valley

The Swiss Knife Valley, majestically framed by the Mythen and Rigi mountains and the lakes of Lauerz and Lucerne, offers the most unique backdrop for a multifaceted slowUp in the heart of Switzerland.

The 15-year-old slowUp movement is a veritable success story. Each year more than 400,000 people participate in one of the 19 events in various Swiss locations.

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The event

The slowUp has been staged in the basin of Schwyz since 2010. The 30 km round-trip takes you through the municipalities of Schwyz, Ingenbohl-Brunnen, Lauerz, Arth and Steinen. 

A multifaceted fringe programme offers something for everybody: young and old, associations and families, couples in love or even lonely hearts will enjoy the special aura of this car-free day of activities.

The Swiss Knife Valley hosts a slowUp every two years. The 6th slowUp Schwyz–Swiss Knife Valley takes place on Sunday, 10 June 2018.

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